What you saw, heard and experienced in childhood will have influenced the way you see yourself. If your experiences have been negative, your beliefs about yourself are likely to be negative too. Being low in self-worth often causes self-sacrifice.

Classic Disney Movies

Zendaya & Val - Sway: A Dance Trilogy part 2



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sooo it’s time for me for a new “top 10……” list. this time: book boyfriends

no sequence.

1. Daemon Black, Luxen series (do i have to say more?)

2. Noah Shaw, Mara Dyer trilogy (dear God, love at first sight)

3. Aaron Warner, shatter me trilogy (yep, almost everyone says he’s just cruel and a horrible person okay he was at first, but in ignite me i definately switched to Team Warner  Adam was boring since the beginning and yeeees many people complain “how can you like him just because he has changed?”)

4. Logan Quinn, Mythos Academy series (SPARTAN)

5. Lucas Parker, Shadow Falls Camp (best werewolf EVER)

6. Denver Beck, the demon trappers series ((whoop whoop)

7. Lincoln Wood, the Violet Eden chapters (<3 that’s all)

8. Simon Lewis, the mortal instruments (i know, but he’s such a cute nerd xD)

9. Woods Kerrington, Rosemary Beach series (aaaaarrrrrr)

10. Evan Kincaid, two lies and a spy (my newest one, he’s just hilarious)

the Harry Potter cast for Empire Magazine 2011 part 2

the Harry Potter cast for Empire Magazine 2011 part 1


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